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57th Annual Conference

The 2018 NZIAM Conference will be held in Wellington. dates to be confirmed.

Membership of the NZIAM
Any animal control officers who wish to become a member of the NZIAM may download the application form Here 

Welcome to the official website of the New Zealand Institute of Animal Management – New Zealand’s official animal watchdog.

Within the pages of this website you will find a wealth of information relating to animal control issues, particularly dog control, stock handling and stock movement. There is even a Kidzone where children can learn all about owning and training a puppy and safety around dogs in general.

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About the NZIAM

Formerly the New Zealand Institute of Animal Control Officers, the New Zealand Institute of Animal Management is an incorporated society that has been proudly functioning for the last 50 years. It consists of practising animal control officers from throughout New Zealand who elect an executive to administer their affairs and organise annual training conferences.

These conferences focus on animal behavioural techniques, operational matters, self-defence, dog and human psychology and a huge range of other topics relating to our field of work.

Local government in New Zealand is made up of urban councils – who experience predominently city-wide dog problems – and rural councils which are more actively involved in stock control work. There are 72 local councils in New Zealand. They all perform animal control duties – either utilising in-house staff or by out-sourcing to third-party contractors and suppliers.

The main statutory legislation that governs animal control throughout the country is the Dog Control Act 1996 and the Impounding Act 1955.

Animal control officers are warranted by their respective councils to implement these acts with regard to public safety involving a specific animal, impounding animals, dealing with nuisance animals and liaising with their owners as well as investigating and prosecuting for dog attacks.

The New Zealand Institute of Animal Management ensures that its membership is kept up to date with both national and overseas trends and events within the global animal control industry.

This sharing of resources and information enables the Institute to maintain its position as respected leaders in the animal control industry.

We hope you find this website to be a useful resource. If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us.



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