Christchurch City Council has developed a programme for the promotion of safety around dogs, and in particular, children around dogs. This fun and entertaining programme is called DogSmart.

The presentation takes the form of a PDF slide-show/video animation delivered by an animal control officer. It covers dog safety and bite prevention and also incorporates stickers, hats, word finds, evaluation sheets, coloured posters and card presentations.

A licensed agreement has been reached between Christchurch City Council and the NZIAM which allows animal control officers throughout New Zealand, who are signed-up members of the NZIAM, to use the DogSmartEducational Programme as a presentation tool in local schools or other seminar situations.

Find out more for your school…

The DogSmart Programme can be presented at your school by your local animal control service. If you would like more information about the DogSmart programme, ask your parents or teacher to contact either the NZIAM or Christchurch City Council, Education Co-ordinator at the addresses below:

Christchurch City Council Education Co-ordinator, PO Box 73073, Christchurch 8154

NZIAM National Secretary,PO Box 752, Kaikohe 0440.

(NZIAM Members should access more details about DogSmart through the Members Zone)

Sample frames from the DogSmart Presentation.
Courtesy of Christchurch City Council.