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26 Jan 2018

Faulty Microchips

Virbac New Zealand Ltd

We’d like to update you on our plan to replace potentially faulty BioTec microchips. We would be grateful if you could forward this to all relevant people in your organisation.

Since 2009 our advice has been to scan pets with microchips at every visit, and to replace the BioTec microchips at our cost if they fail.

As you will recall, earlier this month, we thought it might speed things up for vets and pet owners if we proactively offered to replace ALL BioTec microchips from the affected batches. This approach included microchips that have not failed. The details of this approach were contained in our letter to all veterinary clinics on January 8th.

We now realise that, despite our best intentions, this approach is impractical and unworkable. We regret that it has caused confusion and frustration. We are particularly appreciative that the NZVA and its membership tried to help us make it work for pet owners and their animals.

We have listened to concerns raised by veterinarians, pet owners, and other stakeholders, including the NZVA, VCNZ, NZCAR, and local authorities. We are grateful for their constructive feedback and with the efforts that many have gone to on our behalf. We have decided to simplify the process, effective immediately, as follows:

•    Our approach is to ask veterinarians to scan pets with microchips at every visit, and to replace the BioTec microchips at our cost if they have failed.

•    We are no longer asking veterinarians to pre-emptively contact pet owners for bulk microchip replacement.

•    There will be no cut-off date for claims against faulty BioTec microchips.

To help identify pets with potentially faulty BioTec microchips, we have narrowed down the specific series within the batches. Please match the full 15-digit microchip number:

•    From 900-010-000-125-000 to 900-010-000-135-000

•    From 900-088-000-032-635 to 900-088-000-543-529

•    From 900-008-800-219-506 to 900-008-800-248-955

It has always been our intention to resolve this situation as effectively as possible, and we are sincerely grateful for everyone’s patience as we work through this.

Please also be assured that our replacement microchips, BackHome BioGlass Minichips, are manufactured to the highest industry standards with direct-bonding technology to ensure total and lifelong reliability. They have been in use for five years.

Ian Burke
National Sales Manager

Commercial Department | Virbac New Zealand Ltd
Office: 07 849 6782 |

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